They Shall Not Perish

“THEY SHALL NOT PERISH: THE STORY OF NEAR EAST RELIEF” is a documentary showcasing the selfless actions of American men and women who saved a generation of orphans during the collapse of the Ottoman Empire and in the aftermath of the humanitarian crisis that came to be known as the Armenian Genocide. The one-hour documentary film features the stories of individuals who witnessed the Armenian Genocide and of the American people who rallied their country to provide the largest non-governmental humanitarian response undertaken up until that time. Motivated by nothing but a moral sense of duty, these men and women, among them industrialists, ambassadors, missionaries, teachers, nurses, admen and Presidents, helped bring care and comfort to millions of suffering Armenian, Greek and Assyrian refugees in extremely harrowing environments. This is the story of the Near East Relief.


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They Shall Not Perish Press Release.pdf

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They Shall Not Perish
Caption: Title Image

Uncle Sam
Caption: Near East Relief promotional poster featuring Uncle Sam and Armenian Orphans

Near East Relief Promotional Poster
Caption: Near East Relief Promotional Poster

The Bird's Nest
Caption: Near East Relief worker Nellie Miller Mann and orphans at The Bird's Nest

Alexandrapol Orphanage
Caption: Orphans at Near East Relief Alexandrapol Orphanage

Public Fundraising
Caption: Public fundraising on behalf of Near East Relief

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