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3 Roads Communications has been producing series, documentaries and Pledge programs for public TV distribution for more than twenty years. We know how vitally important it is for you, the creator and owner of video products, to continue to monetize that content. Our search for ways to monetize video products led us to begin distribution of our content on Amazon Prime.

We have an arrangement with Amazon Prime to distribute series, documentaries, original films and other video content through streaming. The agreement is NON-EXCLUSIVE, which means you can also distribute the content elsewhere. We would like to distribute your content through Amazon Prime at no cost to you, but we will receive the standard thirty percent distribution fee.

As the content provider, here are the basic ground rules:
1) The program must be close captioned
2) Underwriter credits and sponsor messages must be removed
3) No bars and tones
4) Episode descriptions
5) Artwork

Amazon Prime wants the content in its native format, so if you have SD programming in 4 x 3, that’s OK.

The bottom line is that no content owner will get rich from this distribution, but you will receive steady revenue every month. And the vast majority of work will be done for you. And in an era where every public TV station needs to be more revenue conscious than ever, this is a good way to add revenue with content that is already sitting on your shelf.

Below are projects we’ve already distributed through Amazon Prime:
Dinner for Hire with Chef Bernard
Chasing Taste
Heart Child

If you would like to begin distributing content through Amazon Prime, fill out the form below.

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