Media Training

Media Training

3 Roads Communications offers expertise to help individuals prepare for media appearances and interviews. Before you face the press, deliver a speech, or present your business plan, make sure your presentation skills are the best they can be. 3 Roads Communications offers customized individual or group training sessions in your offices or in our studios.

In order to provide the ideal training for your needs, you will meet with our experienced staff to discuss your specific needs and goals. Our approach is interactive and gives you the chance to see yourself as your audience will see you. You’ll be critiqued each step of the way, and learn to minimize your weaknesses and maximize your strengths as you develop your own natural style. We videotape client training using professional camera crews, and at the completion of your training, you will have the full “on-camera” experience complete with lights, cameras, reporters, and tough questions – and you will feel confident. 3 Roads Communications conducts training to prepare our clients to effectively deliver their messages in the face of rigorous, and even hostile, questioning.

Our training services include:

  • Become comfortable in front of a camera or live audience
  • Learn how to effectively communicate your message in “soundbites”
  • Improve your voice, body language, and appearance
  • Secure and maintain audience interest
  • Bridge to your key message
  • Develop credibility as the spokesperson media turn to for your area of expertise

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